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P R I V A C Y  P O L I C Y
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The protection of your privacy is important and we take it seriously. With this privacy statement, we want to inform the user of this website how much Data is used and stored while using this website and why we do it. We keep your personal data confidential. This privacy statement might be adapted with time, so checking it frequently for the latest version is recommended.
Collection of Data
In order to optimize this website, the following data is collected and stored on the website server:

// Date, time and location of access
// Sites visited
// Sourcelink (how you landed on the site)
// IP address
// Browser and Operating System
This website uses cookies for user experience purposes. Those cookies are sent to your browser by the website's server. By using cookies, we can increase this website’s usability and security.
Rights of the User
If you want to know which of your data is being stored or if you want your data to be deleted, you can contact us in order to do so. Same counts if you want your data to be corrected or if you think that your data is being processed illegally. You can also file a complaint with the supervisory authority
For any concerns oder questions regarding the use of your personal data, please contact us
Sophie Stark e.U.
+43 681 817 909 57
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